Resolutions 2010.

  • I will not write lazily anymore, meaning: I will capitalize all letters at the start of the sentences (and not consistently write in the lower case). I will be more careful with my grammar, punctuation, and spelling before posting anything on my networks.
  • I will try to do my laundry every week, to not make my room & the adjacent room look like a laundromat with all of the mounds of clothes waiting to be washed.
  • I will take my comprehensive exams this year (ack!).
  • I will pay off both my credit cards and just really use them for emergencies (emergency vacay? Emergency desire to  buy a dslr because the digicam broke down? Hahaha).
  • I will try to save up as much as I can (gulp). I will also try to find extra means of income.
  • I will organize my things and try to keep them organized (double gulp).
  • I wish to fill-up my lomo & photo wall this year.
  • I will REAAAAALLLY try to write something if I come across another contest that I can join.

3 thoughts on “Resolutions 2010.

  1. Haha. Sort of laziness pala pag nakalower case lang yung letters. I haven’t thought about that. :p I agree, we should only use our credit cards during emergency. Next question: define and qualify cases of emergency. Heehee.

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