flights of fancy.

if i had any way of escaping a rut or de-stress from a tension-filled situation, first thing i’d do is grab a book and immerse myself in it (if other media aren’t available). the type of book i read depends on my mood, so if i feel emo i’d grab either a fantasy/sci-fi to transport me to a fantastic place, or a romantic novel to wallow in the sappyness. classics are for my nerd mode, along with the required literary theory readings i’d have to review.

reading a book actually helps me write better. writing a book review helps me do this, and so i opened a book blog that i don’t think i’ll tire of updating 🙂

go visit it!

2 thoughts on “flights of fancy.

  1. I definitely agree that reading indeed improves my writing style! What’s odd is that the style reflects on the style of the author of the book being currently read. One day I will have my own style 🙂 Off to check out your book blog!

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